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KISAN GROUP began its first traffic safety services with the foundation of KISAN INSAAT A.S. in 1988. Then, our group’s operations only included the application of road marking and the production and installation of traffic signs on highways. By adding road barrier (guardrail) production and installation to its products and services portfolio, our group became the only company in Turkey that is capable of producing and installing the 3 main components of traffic safety together. KİSAN GROUP is a leader in Europe in terms of its broad experience, production facility and application capacity. There are 400 blue and white-collar employees working in our organization.


KISAN GROUP produces thermoplastic and cold plastic road marking materials, traffic signs and construction, steel road barriers (guardrails) in its 12,000 m2 closed production plant. The plant is located on Kisan’s 50,000 m2 land in the 2nd Organized Industrial District of Sakarya.


Our group is the leader in Turkey and is among the top 5 European firms in terms of production and application capacities. It aims to capture 40% of the Turkish traffic signs market and 20% of the Turkish road barrier (guardrail) market every year.

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